Caspar Lee
That South African teenager who sometimes talks to a camera.• London, England UK
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  • DanG 147 days ago
  • Brussel Sprouse11 hours ago
    Can you do a livestream???
  • Cecilie Hansen3 days ago
    Could you do a livestream together with joe? πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„
  • Chloe Temple4 days ago
    please do a live chat soon, i love you casparβ™₯
  • Rosie Kitshaw7 days ago
    When is your next live chat??
  • Noha Mohammed11 days ago
    Plzzz stop being sooo dammmm handsome
  • Susie Q13 days ago
    OMG sorry i sound like a complete head over heels fangirl, but i think you have some of the most hilarious content on youtube, and I love you! <3 keep doing what ur doing!
  • James Sweetnam17 days ago
  • James Sweetnam17 days ago
    Im also from South Africa
  • daisy la rosa21 days ago
    Come on Caspar do a live chat please casparlee
  • Camii1904 22 days ago
    I love you caspar❀️