Pj Liguori
I'm PJ, story telling extraordinaire.
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  • Olivia Carter3 days ago
    Peej I'm not one of those crazy fangirls but I just wondered why you don't broadcast on YouNow... It'd be really cool if you did, you don't have to but... Yeah...
  • hey, pj!! do you ever plan on going live? I think it would be really cool if you did!
  • Crystal 36 days ago
    Hi Pj, I'm enjoying your videos and envying your nerdism (you has the ocarina!) And thought I'd see if you were on here. Shame you don't go live tho.
  • The RB Duckling38 days ago
    Does PJ have a consistent YouNow Time every week? Does anyone know?
  • Are you ever gonna go live, Peej?
  • Kianna White99 days ago
    Any suggestions as for what to do with a bunch of cardboard tubes? My creative brain has flopped a bit.
    • If you have a few long, flat, rectangular pieces of cardboard as well, try making a giant replica harmonica. I honestly have no idea why I just thought of this or what use it would serve, but it's worth a shot.
    • Kianna White58 days ago
      Oh my god that sounds awesome! I'll try it! (/ ^_^)/
  • Milli Dalton108 days ago
    what/which camera do you use?
  • Alexandra Perez116 days ago
    Merry Christmas!!! 😄🎄🎅🎁🎉
  • Sophie Burkel151 days ago
    you have no broadcasts...... how?
  • zikki 166 days ago
    when will you do a broadcast ):