Marina Joyce
Just a crazy girl.. WITH A YOUTUBE CHANNEL :D http://t.co/fE301hvJs1
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  • katewowlol 6 days ago
    broken my wrist
  • can you post on either twitter or youtube when you do your next broad cast id love to be able to talk to one of my idils xx
  • Kendra :38 days ago
    Do another broadcast plz im missed the last one!
  • Caitlin Heyslop23 days ago
    when are you doing your next broadcast?
  • Izzy Hyzler31 days ago
    when are you going to do your next broadcast? i missed your lats one :(
  • Haydon Gotthardt31 days ago
    Omg marina I just love your videos soo much!! They all help me so much!! Thankyou!! ♡
  • Kendra :338 days ago
    Plz do another broadcast!!!
  • Paige Anderson38 days ago
    Heyy marina xxx I love your videos so much!!! You make me so proud to be English xxxx
  • Racquel Wools39 days ago
    Omg hi
  • Rebecca Scream49 days ago
    Would your hair look good on this colour?