Marina Joyce
Just a crazy girl.. WITH A YOUTUBE CHANNEL :D http://t.co/fE301hvJs1
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  • xxblackrose16xx 10 hours ago
    can you post on either twitter or youtube when you do your next broad cast id love to be able to talk to one of my idils xx
  • Kendra :32 days ago
    Do another broadcast plz im missed the last one!
  • Caitlin Heyslop16 days ago
    when are you doing your next broadcast?
  • Izzy Hyzler24 days ago
    when are you going to do your next broadcast? i missed your lats one :(
  • Haydon Gotthardt24 days ago
    Omg marina I just love your videos soo much!! They all help me so much!! Thankyou!! ♡
  • Kendra :331 days ago
    Plz do another broadcast!!!
  • Paige Anderson32 days ago
    Heyy marina xxx I love your videos so much!!! You make me so proud to be English xxxx
  • Racquel Wools32 days ago
    Omg hi
  • Rebecca Scream42 days ago
    Would your hair look good on this colour?
  • Rebecca Scream42 days ago
    Marina would you hair look good with a brown blonde sort of colour?