Hi. I'm SUPEReeeGO.I like water.• Los Angeles, California US
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  • Juliana Solis11 days ago
    You should go live 😜😝👨
  • JUAN MARTINEZ13 days ago
    sup Eric
  • Haha!!! I really love that you do this because it's just you being you. Don't ever change! I was watching your older videos last night and they are still funny no matter how many times I watch them. Love you!! 😊
  • chela23 13 days ago
    follow me on Twitter chela244
  • Alicia Pratt13 days ago
    You're the absolute best, Eric! You have come so far in the last 5 years:D
  • 2cute4youu 13 days ago
    Hey! I just wanted to thank you for coming on and interacting with your fans ! Not a lot of youtubers do that but it means a lot to us! Keep up the great work (:
  • Samy Stoerkel64 days ago
    Hey Eric just wanted to say hi and hope all is well I'm happy your doing great and getting bigger in your career may god bless you and help you build you to your goal this year hope one day to meet you :D love samy
  • luis alberto83 days ago
    hey man whats up hey a was wondering if you can do a video about moms geting mad with a dog like a dum ass dog jajajaja gritandole de lo mensoo que esta jejejeje thats shit wood be funny jajaja saludos que estes bien :)
  • Juliana Solis85 days ago
    When are you doing another you now
  • Juliana Solis85 days ago
    You are the funniest guy I have ever seen in my entire life I swear and I'm Mexican so I get all of your videos and I almost died the first time I saw your video