Trying to refresh life, instead of hearing, or going though Hell! Im planing to make my life to the top(here i come)• New Castle, Indiana US
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  • I wanna go on a Date...who wants to go?!
    • Meeeeee! Have it over snapchat 😊😘
    • Kimi Curell1 day ago
      Hah! It would be fun! But I'm 14! So it wouldn't work! I would love to though.
  • TheDougieBell 4 days ago
    Happy Easter to all of you!! Have a great day 😎✌️
    • Kimi Curell4 days ago
      Happy Easter! You too! πŸ˜„
  • TheDougieBell 5 days ago
    Drunk broadcast tonight around 10pm πŸ˜πŸ‘
    • TheDougieBell 5 days ago
    • Emily Snookes5 days ago
      Damn, I'm going to be asleep! It's already 11:47 at night here! This would be funny! Stupid time didferencesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜·
    • Emily Snookes5 days ago
  • TheDougieBell 10 days ago
    Heyy, Add me or "follow" me on these gadgets that everybody is using (Instagram..Twitter...SnapChat...Oovoo...KIK) their all TheDougieBell *NOT* TheDougleBell ^ not a "L" it's an "i" Lol soo hope to hear from you soon and I'll see you and talk to you on the Next Beoadcast!! Rock On
    • BrianaPhelps 9 days ago
      Loser nobody wants to add you :p lol jk (:
  • TheDougieBell 13 days ago
    Heyy You!!!! If I was to broadcast tonight around 10:00pm (Standard Eastern time) **right now it's 6:29am** so basically 14hours from now... Lol! Would you be there to hang out and talk??????????
    • DemanXD 13 days ago
      Yea I'll hang out
    • Mariah Lynn13 days ago
      Finally I wont miss it cx and yes ill be there c: have a good day ^.^
  • TheDougieBell 15 days ago
    I love you all :D
  • Renofthewest 35 days ago
    Yoooo Dougiee! It's been a long time. I'm back after a long hiatus... With some new stuff going on. I hope we can catch each other. whether it's your broadcast or mines. Ciaoo bud TheDougieBell