Trisha Paytas
I'm a mix between woody allen and your local hooker!• Hollywood, California US
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  • Patricia Cake9 days ago
    Why aren't u on u now any more I miss u
  • Michael Dow11 days ago
    will you hug howard stern again
  • Mahsa Khalilpoor20 days ago
    trisha i love u so much :)
  • April Baker30 days ago
    Hi Trisha I seen one of your old videos on YouTube where you said to get this ! Not sure how it works yet but I got the app just for you ! When will you be in here ?
  • Nate98 30 days ago
    Im gonna take u quit younow?
  • RyanEvs_VCCP 52 days ago
    I Miss you!!
  • Hannah Ireland57 days ago
    Your my fan?! OMG I love you !!!
  • Ellie Conachy59 days ago
    Hey OMG I love you haha not in a stalker way but I would love it if you would notice it. I am a new fishy🐠!! But I acc love u so much and I would love it if you replied or have me a shout out or something nice like that cause I love you sooooo much😘🐠
  • olivia hold69 days ago
    are you on today??
  • matt m76 days ago
    hey how are u?