Phil Lester
That guy with the hair from YouTube and Radio 1 ★✩★• London, England UK
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  • alicecummingsss 4 hours ago
    You inspire me Philip Michael Lester you never fail to make me smile..
  • chiara matrone18 hours ago
    Am I the only one who can't scroll to later comments??
  • Phil I love you please notice me
    • chiara matrone18 hours ago
      He doesn't read the comments here, its a shame really, it would be great if he could interact more with his fans, I swear even one comment from him on here would make us all so happy😍💖💝💓
    • AWWWWWWWWWWW, I love how he would do the same thing as me😹😼😿🙀😽😺😸😻😾
    • DATGZBGoldimir 18 minutes ago
      Cats and Phil in one picture.. jfc whyyyy life is sounfair?!! 😫😍😍😍😍
  • Hola Phil. Follow me on twitter Mr.Lester? Please? I'll send you a lemon grab made out of Oreos...
  • Lolly Sawyer1 day ago
    When is your next live show ?
    • every saturday i think 7pm gmt but he might have changed it to 9pm gmt. check his twitter on saturdays he should tweet when hes live.
    • Lolly Sawyer1 day ago
      Thank you very much
  • Layce Lee2 days ago
  • Isabel Berwick2 days ago
    I know this is really weird but look at the size of this lemon my mum bought
  • Eden Brown2 days ago
    It was 6am here in New Zealand ._.
  • Kassandra Moran2 days ago
    hi omg why didnt I do this sooner ^.^