David Jon Sponheim - running for President of the United States. I am running under America's Third Party. Check out our platform for more.• Seattle, Washington US
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  • mrDutchGuy 456 days ago
    I miss the blogtv times
  • security555 437 days ago
    Amazing guy this guy has plans out for our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA god bless this guys future of rights and freedoms ( Dave i hope you remember me )
  • Courtney Neubauer421 days ago
    Hey David and Sarah. You guys should give me a call when you guys are doing your show. Or an email and I will jump on if I'm not busy. Miss ya guys. Keep it up.
  • VoyagerofSpace 385 days ago
    Missvodka here. Vote for david in 2016 and i can garentee that things will change. Obama is not the answer lol