Dan Howell
I make YouTube videos about how much I suck and people laugh at them. On YouNow to hang out and accidentally say inspirational speeches.
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  • annikabeaty 3 hours ago
  • Olivia Sage4 hours ago
    Hi Dan! How's life? :3
  • Beth Beaut15 hours ago
    When r u doing live broadcast
  • lizzie_stripe 16 hours ago
    Sometimes, I wonder if Dan is /ever/ NOT ironic. Oh, he has a My Little Pony figurine? He's just being ironic guys, it's fine xD
  • Jocelyn Luna17 hours ago
    Any Danosaurs that are also Directioners? :3
  • laniwal 17 hours ago
    You had to broadcast while I was in school hmm?
  • Mikayla Sky17 hours ago
  • Isabella Ankerson17 hours ago
    Hai Dannn ✌️
  • Olivia Giles17 hours ago
    Hey Dan!!😁😁
  • mooshbuscus14 18 hours ago
    Dan seems like a great guy, unique and slightly damaged (thats not a bad thing, we all have our scars from life). would love to talk to him face to face without the screaming fan girls and comment spam :P :)