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  • nate fuz4 days ago
    Hey mike i was on your personal youtube channel and it said you would be doing beer reviews. Is that ever gonna happen?
  • Amber Sullivan5 days ago
    Noooooooooooo I missed u I was sleeping when u were on damn it
  • fdnut 5 days ago
    Why dont you come on / stay on as much as you did in the past? your shows are missed :(
  • Amber Sullivan5 days ago
    Mike please get on I miss u
  • wait! one of his puppies passed??? which one! i have not been here for a while! and when was the last time he want live?
  • JonJongaming 13 days ago
    Hey mike its me Jon with the amazing thumbnail again.
  • Harry Jackson21 days ago
    Hi mike! It's been a while since I've seen you on youtube. People think you're dead!!! Please come back to youtube and tell you're fans you're not dead!
  • Wolfy Love23 days ago
    hey mike, are you ever going to post another fail or win toy on thetoychannel or jeepersmedia on youtube? :3
  • Alan Burke25 days ago
    hey mike been a fan for a long time can't wait to see new vids on youtube you were talking about, some new hot stuff out I'd like to hear you thoughts on those guardians toys, Disney infinity 2.0 figures, the new archie comic where they kill him off....all kinds of stuff out there but I guess you being busy is a good thing let us know stuff you've done so we can tell you what we think, I mean really ;)
    • Bara Abdallah22 days ago
      I haven't been able to make his live shows was he really talking about coming back to youtube?
    • atomis123 21 days ago
      yeah mike said he was working on his art, but he did say he was working on some toy reviews for the tube am sure he will have us in stiches again soon enough...he's famous beyond youtube hes working on a pilot for a tv show right now too can't wait to see what mike is gonna do next
    • Bara Abdallah21 days ago
      Wow!! Sounds perfect! Whats the show called? and hope to see him back on youtube. God he was hilarious he was awesome. And still is.
  • simijhw 25 days ago
    how is the new site working for you the ello?