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  • WebkinzandBeatles 22 hours ago
    Why'd you leave so early? I missed the show :(
  • YPasko 22 hours ago
    I thought there was going to be a stream here.
  • xAJx 2 days ago
    Hey Mike, could you tell me if you're going live tonight? It'd be appreciated because I want to make sure I'm there if you are!
  • Are you streaming tonight?
  • jasonboxer228 3 days ago
    Do stream tonight plz
  • Just watched Hook on Xfinity on demand. Talk about cashing in after a man's death, Comast was charging 15 bucks to rent it for three days. It got me laughing though.
  • will there be a stream tonight?
  • xAJx 8 days ago
    Hey, Mike.. I know you feel bad about what happened, I know that story was hard for you to tell, but I'm glad you told it, it's good to get things off your chest. Don't feel too guilty, there's no way you could have known about that side of Robin, you could have never known that an analogy like that would hit him so hard. I am a long time fan of both you and Robin, and I wish I could just hug you right now man. Just remember, Robin is at peace now, the demons can no longer follow him.. He's home now.
  • bfliveMikeP 9 days ago
    I hope you feel better Mike. Sorry I wasn't there for the live show.
  • just keep in mind mike, , that was probably the first time he had ever confessed anything to anyone, , , you have nothing to feel bad about in my opinion, because it was true , and he was letting you know just how correct you wer . best of love mike,