Hi All John Here sorry for not being on internet I need a laptop and I have only an hour a month to log on at the library• Hopewell, New Jersey US
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  • simijhw 100 days ago
    still cant figure out how to do this my webcam may need to be changed to a new model
  • simijhw 103 days ago
    I will do the show when I get my laptop up and running and I will do some 18th century dishes.
  • simijhw 103 days ago
    still trying to figure out how to set up my webcam to broadcast I want to do a show on how to make butter from Heave Cream Not the Ultra Pasteurized kind Is killed milk wont make good butter and to me a wast of money your better off getting Pasteurized heavy cream. Ultra is over Killed cream.
  • simijhw 105 days ago
    Snapshot of jeepersmedia
    • simijhw 103 days ago
      This is Mike Mozart He is a toy collector.
  • simijhw 106 days ago
    how do you set the webcam up on here?
  • simijhw 106 days ago
    How do i broadcast on here? I cant set the site to work
  • simijhw 109 days ago
    trying ti adjust the audio on my broadcast