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  • Chris Cundiff4 days ago
    Bro you have inspired me a lot with my music and I would love for one day if we could collaborate because that would be a huge accomplishment for me or at least send you my upcoming EP "dreams" cause it was an EP inspired by you thanks man and keep up the good work can't wait for new music
  • its_anne_doe 4 days ago
    Heeey russell (: you already know who this is aha (:
  • Joshua Vasquez4 days ago
    Your music is the best man I've introduced it to so many of my friends and family members. I actually have MARS and 'Flagship' tattooed on my left arm. What I love about your music is it's relatable it just drifts me away. If you could write back it's be amazing. I have nothing but faith that you'll blow up one day can't wait till I hear you playing on the radio in Texas man.
  • Daniel Lobo4 days ago
    How do I watch you stream ??
  • kaiiivannn 4 days ago
  • Itstony 12 days ago
    Dude you need to get on the show wildnout!!!!
  • itsyamo 18 days ago
    new cover songs !??
  • mikeo_requejo26 23 days ago
    Get on younow bruh
  • Kirstin S-f39 days ago
    We miss you here in columbus. And will be waiting for that album. Btw my emails gmail.com just incase you might wanna send me something to hop on lol since you didn't wanna respond to any of my comments last night 😁💯💦
  • LeonManzano 40 days ago
    im a big filipino fan!!!