Tyler Oakley
I just have a lot of feelings.
http://t.co/IxNV2n5lxx http://t.co/Vamd7HizCQ http://t.co/wdrKQx4X0i
• Los Angeles, California US
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  • addison grant20 hours ago
    Queen 😍
  • Grace Boddey1 day ago
    I ❤️you Tyler
  • It's spring break, so I'm catching up on my favorite YouTubers like you! :)
  • Moll Durkin1 day ago
  • Shang-hi! I am your biggest fan!!!!😃😍 There is not even an emoji with a big enough smile to share how happy I am whenever I see your YouTube videos!!! Please broadcast soon! I would love to ask you some questions! Love, Petey Dubai:) 😊
  • ForeverLovelyT 4 days ago
    Broadcast soon!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏
  • Curli Fri6 days ago
    Hai! Will you ever broadcast on here, I can't wait a week to see your beautiful face!!!
  • Hilda Civilidag8 days ago
    Has he ever made a broadcast yet? :)
  • heyitsbritt 12 days ago
    Tyler is perfect. Okay? Okay.
  • Jazz Dinel13 days ago
    Since when does Tyler have younow??