Zoe Sugg
• Bath, England UK
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  • DanG 154 days ago
  • Just watched u and Alfie love u xxxxx
  • Shannon Hartley9 hours ago
    Just watched you love youuuuu
  • Olivia Giles9 hours ago
    Hey Zoe! I just watched you on Alfie's livestream 😁😁
  • lozedensor_x 9 hours ago
    Zoe you are so beautifulπŸ’• and i am so jealous of you!😘 just watched yours and Alfie's broadcast and i just think you two are adorable! Xx btw i have watched you from the beginning and have stuck by youπŸ‘πŸ’―
  • thebestdion 9 hours ago
    Heeeeeey girl wassup you look so beautiful here
  • When are you next broadcasting zoΓ«? Ilyssssm I have a fan page of you on Instagram
  • How is your Guinea pigs
  • When are you next going live xx
  • Mia B.P2 days ago
    Pleaassseeeee do a live broadcast with Alfie!!! And the guinea pigs!! 😘
  • Tilly Kitshaw2 days ago
    Please do a live broadcast πŸ˜„